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The Western Desert Kidney Health Project

The Western Desert Kidney Health Project aims to reduce diabetes and kidney disease by 20% in 10 Western Australian communities.

  • Storytelling

    Arts + Health Education

    The mobile clinic has an arts truck that goes to each community with it. Artists travel with the team and work with people in each community to develop their own stories about how to be healthier. At the end of each visit a small community event is held to show off the healthy stories created in the past couple weeks by the people that live there.

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  • Health

    Clinical Research

    A mobile clinic goes to each of the communities with Healthy Lifestyle Workers and tests people’s blood, and urine, weight / Body Mass Index (how much fat you have on your body), blood pressure and height. Results from these tests are instant and these are discussed with each person and followed up if they are not good.


  • Community

    Development + Advocacy

    Once testing is over, our Chief Investigators look at the results from each community. We hold a community meeting where we discuss the results and work with the community to identify issues that are affecting their health. A community development officer then looks at ways the project can support the community to address these issues.

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A partnership between the people of the Western Desert and