Community Overview

Kurrawang has special memories for many people in the Goldfield’s as it was where many people grew up. Until the mid seventies it was a mission and an Aboriginal reserve settlement. There are those who still remember walking along the water pipeline to Kalgoorlie on a hot day.

Photo Gallery

Photos: Matt Scurfield


Alfie the Tooth Fairy

As the sun sets Alfie flies off into the night with all the other tooth fairies to collect tiny teeth. But one night Alfie doesn’t return home with all the other tooth fairies. Why has he crashed into a big tree. Is it because he is overweight? Has the sugar made him little bit blind? How did this happen and why? Alfie the Tooth Fairy was written by Coolgardie based Alison Dimmer who was awarded the Dr Ross Ingram Memorial Award at the National Australian Medical Association Conference in Brisbane in 2011.

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