Community Overview

Often referred to as LA, Laverton is home to the Wongutha people. LA has excellent hunting ground for emu, kangaroo and has many significant sacred sites. An annual carnival is held at the “Boats”, a swimming hole and in the main street. Laverton is also regularly visited by people from the Ngaanytjarra Lands and people from Alice Springs in the Central Desert. It is considered central location in the Northern Goldfields.

Photo Gallery

Photos: Matt Scurfield


Sparks the Stallion

In the land of sturt peas, wild horses and rocky breakaways there’s an old story about a secret treasure, a gold deposit. A stockman, so madly obsessed about finding it, suffers dehydration right near a rock hole! Lucky for him, he encounters Sparks the wild stallion. Sparks is based on a real horse who raced the Laverton Races. When he eats good food and drinks plenty of water he can run as fast as the wind. Find out how Sparks becomes one of the most popular stallions ever.

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