Community Overview

Menzies is the home of Wongutha people often known as Wongi’s. Menzies is an old place that used to be a cattle station. Menzies has many significant sites like the seven sisters rock hole. Now it also the turn off to Lake Ballard which is a tourist attraction with the Anthony Gormley Statues attracting international visitors. Each of the sculptures are based on Menzies community residents.

Photo Gallery

Photos: Matt Scurfield and Roman Kutzowitz


Menzies Mallee Fowl

If you’re a mallee fowl wanting to hatch your eggs it’s super important for you to eat the right things. If you’re not careful with your diet during pregnancy diabetes can sneak up on you. Bower Bird decides to offer some good advice so mallee fowl can get ready for her special day. Cutting out junk food from your diet will help keep you nice and strong for your baby mallee fowls as well.

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