Mt Margaret

Community Overview

Mt Margaret was originally a mission home for all Aboriginal people in the Goldfields. While it has a sad history many people are extremely fond of Mt Margaret and prefer to remember happy times. The Missionaries handed Mt Margaret back to people of the Goldfields in the seventies. People often travel to Mt Margaret for festive events.

Photo Gallery

Photos: Andrew Hughes and Steven Aiton


The Restless Roo

In Mount Margaret there is a joey that has her own double bed, sips coffee and is driven in a car to go prospecting. Whenever she sees another kangaroo she gets a fright and hops straight back into the car. This kangaroo doesn’t know how to relax. Stress is a big contributing factor when it comes to diabetes and kidney disease. Find out how our restless roo finds a way to stress less on a journey to find the Healing Pool at the salt lake.