Community Overview

Home to the Ngadju People Norseman lies between Esperance and Coolgardie and is the most Southerly community visited by the Project. Each year Norseman people look forward to Quandong fruit, which is collected and made into a jam. Norseman is also well known as a good place to collect bush medicine. The Ngadju mob frequently travel through the Fraser Range, Balladonia, to Esperance and back around to Norseman. Ngadu people have family close links with the Coonana and Tjutjuntjara communities.

Photo Gallery

Photos: Steven Aiton


The Lost Emu

Out in the bush an egg hatches all alone. This little emu has to rely on the help from all the other animals to teach him what to eat and what to drink. Many years later, he is shocked when he discovers his own family on the outskirts of town living a very unhealthy life. He knows he’s gotta do something for his mob. How does this clever little emu help his own family?

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