Community Overview

The heartland of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara or Spinifex people Tjuntjunjtara is considered a spiritiual and cultural sanctuary. It is one of the most isolated communities on mainland Australia. Tjuntjuntjara possesses its own unique desert beauty and has a very strong cultural tradition. People in Coonana and Tjuntunjara also have connections with people in Coolgardie and Norseman.

Photo Gallery

Photos: Matt Scurfield and Clare Bailey


Little Kipara

Little Kipara, the bush turkey always dreamed of flying. He would saddle up on to the back of his mother with his brothers and she would fly them all around. To be strong enough to fly, the little bush turkey knows he must look after himself by eating healthy food and drinking water. Against all odds he continues to do the right thing so that one day he might achieve his goal.

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