Commmunity Sculptures

In 2012 artists were engaged with the aim of creating sculptural works with each community. Each of works that were generated were intended to be used as creative devises in the community events at the completion of each residency.

Coonana Flying Car

Coonana Community and Community Artist: Peter Keelan
Photos: Peter Keelan

The car is an essential part of life for the people of the Western Desert. This sculpture saw the community of Coonana work with with film maker and visual artist Peter Keelan transform a wreck into a flying machine and symbolised the changes we can make to our bodies.


Leonora Water Works

Leonora Community and Community Artists: Claire Bailey and James Gentle
Photos: Matt Scurfield

An ephemeral, kinetic, mechanical sculpture was constructed in Leonora to depict the importance of water in the body.


Menzies Kidneys

Menzies Community and Community Artists: Claire Bailey, Cecile Williams, Nalda Searles
Photos: Matt Scurfield

One of the sculptural highlights of the project, the Menzies Kidneys culminated in a successful school exhibition.


Tjuntjuntjara Dogs

Tjuntjuntjara Community and Community Artist: Clare Bailey
Photos: Clare Bailey and Matt Scurfield

A giant camp dog was constructed with community members with an open belly full of fresh fruit and vegetables. Each of the wire armature animals was constructed and decorated with fruit and vegetables and then eaten by community members.