Community Animations

Animated Stories

The following nine animations were created in the first year of community visits for the Western Desert Kidney Health Project. Each community chose to tell their own story about the things they could do to make themselves healthier, happier and help prevent diabetes and kidney disease. We hope you like these and tell your friends about how to see them online with your mobile phone or on a computer. Enjoy.

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Salt Lake Run


Home to the Ngadju People Norseman lies between Esperance and Coolgardie and is the most Southerly community visited by the Project. Each year Norseman people look forward to Quandong fruit, which is collected and made into a jam. Norseman is also well known as a good place to collect bush medicine. The Ngadju mob frequently travel through the Fraser Range, Balladonia, to Esperance and back around to Norseman. Ngadu people have family close links with the Coonana and Tjutjuntjara communities.

The Lost Emu

Out in the bush an egg hatches all alone. This little emu has to rely on the help from all the other animals to teach him what to eat and what to drink. Many years later, he is shocked when he discovers his own family on the outskirts of town living a very unhealthy life. He knows he’s gotta do something for his mob. How does this clever little emu help his own family?


Home of the Maddawonga Galagu people Coolgardie is famous for its rock holes that people once walked between and used for drinking water. Coolgardie is also close to the home of the tjilkarmata (echidna). It is a significant place for the Anangu Pitjantjatjara or Spinifex people from Coonana and Tjuntjuntjara who believe that many sites in and close to Coolgardie are sacred.


Kurrawang has special memories for many people in the Goldfield’s as it was where many people grew up. Until the mid seventies it was a mission and an Aboriginal reserve settlement. There are those who still remember walking along the water pipeline to Kalgoorlie on a hot day.

Alfie the Tooth Fairy

As the sun sets Alfie flies off into the night with all the other tooth fairies to collect tiny teeth. But one night Alfie doesn’t return home with all the other tooth fairies. Why has he crashed into a big tree. Is it because he is overweight? Has the sugar made him little bit blind? How did this happen and why? Alfie the Tooth Fairy was written by Coolgardie based Alison Dimmer who was awarded the Dr Ross Ingram Memorial Award at the National Australian Medical Association Conference in Brisbane in 2011.

Claypan Run

Menzies / Moropoi

Menzies is the home of Wongutha people often known as Wongi’s. Menzies is an old place that used to be a cattle station. Menzies has many significant sites like the seven sisters rock hole. Now it also the turn off to Lake Ballard which is a tourist attraction with the Anthony Gormley Statues attracting international visitors. Each of the sculptures are based on Menzies community residents.

Menzies Mallee Fowl

If you’re a mallee fowl wanting to hatch your eggs it’s super important for you to eat the right things. If you’re not careful with your diet during pregnancy diabetes can sneak up on you. Bower Bird decides to offer some good advice so mallee fowl can get ready for her special day. Cutting out junk food from your diet will help keep you nice and strong for your baby mallee fowls as well.


Leonora is home to the Koara (Gwa-da) and Wongutha people and is the starting place of Goanna country. The Goanna is a considered a highly desired delicacy to eat. Leonora has excellent swimming holes including the Basin and Station Creek where you can collect turtles and other good food.

The Proud Goanna

A big proud goanna fears nothing. In fact there was one proud goanna that was even too proud to get checked out by the doctor and too proud to do the right thing in front of his mates. But this goanna better watch out because if he doesn’t listen to good advice and stop over-eating and showing off, he might find himself in some seriously big trouble.


Often referred to as LA, Laverton is home to the Wongutha people. LA has excellent hunting ground for emu, kangaroo and has many significant sacred sites. An annual carnival is held at the “Boats”, a swimming hole and in the main street. Laverton is also regularly visited by people from the Ngaanytjarra Lands and people from Alice Springs in the Central Desert. It is considered central location in the Northern Goldfields.

Sparks the Stallion

In the land of sturt peas, wild horses and rocky breakaways there’s an old story about a secret treasure, a gold deposit. A stockman, so madly obsessed about finding it, suffers dehydration right near a rock hole! Lucky for him, he encounters Sparks the wild stallion. Sparks is based on a real horse who raced the Laverton Races. When he eats good food and drinks plenty of water he can run as fast as the wind. Find out how Sparks becomes one of the most popular stallions ever.

Mt Margaret

Mt Margaret was originally a mission home for all Aboriginal people in the Goldfields. While it has a sad history many people are extremely fond of Mt Margaret and prefer to remember happy times. The Missionaries handed Mt Margaret back to people of the Goldfields in the seventies. People often travel to Mt Margaret for festive events.

The Restless Roo

In Mount Margaret there is a joey that has her own double bed, sips coffee and is driven in a car to go prospecting. Whenever she sees another kangaroo she gets a fright and hops straight back into the car. This kangaroo doesn’t know how to relax. Stress is a big contributing factor when it comes to diabetes and kidney disease. Find out how our restless roo finds a way to stress less on a journey to find the Healing Pool at the salt lake.

Mulga Queen

People from Mulga Queen returned to their homeland where their ancestors lived to restart this community for the benefit of the next generation. Mulga Queen is considered a great place to learn the ways of your land and the ways of the old people.

The Top Dog

Kangaroo dogs are an important part of life in Mulga Queen. The fittest kangaroo dog around is the Top Dog. He takes down big roos to get some of that healthy lean kangaroo meat, which is high in omega-3. After stealing ice-creams, chips and chewing on greasy chops all day long, can he get back in to shape again to reclaim his title of Top Dog?

Spinifex Run


Coonana is the home of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara or Spinifex People and have a close cultural connection with the people of Tjujtunjarra. They are the same people who were moved off Country after the Maralinga Nuclear testing. People moved to Coonana from Cundalee Mission in the early eighties.

Spotty’s Game

In the land of tadpoles and rock holes water is pretty important. After it rains and all the humans go inside, the frogs come out to play hockey on the oval. When Spotty’s little froggy kidneys stop working properly, it’s up to his family to teach him his heritage an so he can learn more about the water that his little body needs to soak up.


The heartland of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara or Spinifex people Tjuntjunjtara is considered a spiritiual and cultural sanctuary. It is one of the most isolated communities on mainland Australia. Tjuntjuntjara possesses its own unique desert beauty and has a very strong cultural tradition. People in Coonana and Tjuntunjara also have connections with people in Coolgardie and Norseman.

Little Kipara

Little Kipara, the bush turkey always dreamed of flying. He would saddle up on to the back of his mother with his brothers and she would fly them all around. To be strong enough to fly, the little bush turkey knows he must look after himself by eating healthy food and drinking water. Against all odds he continues to do the right thing so that one day he might achieve his goal.