2nd story exterior patio deck finish material

flashing a deck ledger board properly - how to

flashing deck ledger boards properly is one of the most important details for new decks. read this article to learn how to flash deck ledger boards includes diagrams remove the existing interior and exterior sliding door trim does he have to put a flashing material between the patio and cinderblock? they are both masonary materials.

building a rooftop deck over living space

the finished walking surface of the roof deck surface should be below the level of the interior floor by at least 1-1/2 inches. the roof deck should be properly flashed with a highly durable material that is compatible with the deck material copper, lead, epdm, etc. where it adjoins the house.

second-story balconies - fine homebuilding

many homeowners like the romantic idea of a second-story balcony, but for such a feature to be successful, it must be installed correctly. some builders address the wicking problem by installing plywood on the exterior deck, followed by a waterproof surface material such as fiberglass. this works better than deck boards with drainage gaps

2nd story exterior patio deck finish material wpc product

2nd story exterior patio deck finish material. how to choose a deck material that is right for you. how to choose a deck material that is right for you decking material options have grown exponentially over the past several years, redwood and cedar require an annual power washing and coat of finish every three to four years. to protect the wood

building waterproof roof decks professional deck builder

many deck builders are already familiar with vinyl coverings such as seven trust see 'waterproofing a rooftop deck,' jlc, september 2008, jlconline.com . these systems have specific edge-finishing and flashing details and require that voids and seams in the plywood be treated with a patching compound. cementitious coatings.

under deck oasis - america's most trusted under deck

an under deck ceiling that works create a beautiful new outdoor living space with under deck oasis under deck oasis is an under deck drainage system - also called an under deck ceiling - that expands the wasted space underneath your second story deck into a wonderful new living area.imagine the benefits of no more exposed nails, dirty rafters, or water hazards associated with the space under

lockdry aluminum waterproof decking from nexan

lockdry decking not only creates a beautifully finished and gapless deck - but when installed on a 2nd or 3rd level deck, the area underneath is instantly transformed into a dry outdoor patio, carport or storage. this allows home owners the added advantage of having more usable outdoor deck space no matter the weather.

how to stain a deck: what you should know diy

you can stain synthetic decking material but the composition of synthetics varies so check the manufacturers recommendations first. when staining deck boards, the decking should be clean and dry. that means staining as soon as possible after your deck is complete to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the surface of your deck.

what is the best way to make a deck water proof? green

dear janice, open decks above living spaces have had many failures, but they don't have to. the secret to a successful deck/roof is a good system of waterproofing and drainage, correctly installed and maintained.. it can be a finish in itself or topped with a finish material, such as concrete or tile.

balcony and rooftop deck waterproofing · gaco

gacodeck, available in a convenient kit, is ideal for residential and home-owner use to provide long-lasting, durable waterproofing for balconies and turn a flat roof into a deck for additional outdoor living space. what is a roof deck? a roof deck is a flat walking deck built above an occupied living space or a roof deck that extends out over

what to put under a second story deck to keep it from

a second story deck that is made of wood flooring includes gaps between planks and around the perimeter of the deck. water seeps through these gaps onto the level below. to avoid this leaking problem you must install an under deck system. systems are available in a variety of materials so that you can match it to your deck and home's style.

waterproof plywood decking plywood decks decks

there are a number of ways to waterproof plywood decking.you can stain and use some sort of sealant. you can try to seal the deck by covering it with waterproof paint. both of these methods have their weaknesses. neither can really guarantee a waterproof seal, and neither lasts very long.