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my deck is too slippery in the winter hunker

a stairway solution. the ease with which a homeowner or tenant can slip on a slippery set of deck stairs necessitates special care. a hardware store or your local home center is a good place to look for self-adhesive, non-slip traction treads that you can easily install yourself to the stairs of your deck. for larger surfaces like the deck

get a grip with anti-slip coatings

from locker rooms to loading docks, walkways and warehouses rust-oleum's line of anti-slip solutions are designed to keep everyone sure-footed. concrete saver as5600 system anti-slip floor and deck coating . product features: a fast-drying, tough anti-slip coating to brighten up your floors. ready-to-use with no messy measuring or mixing

6 slippery deck solutions

in our recent decking questions and answers blog post we lightly touched on the problem of green and slippery decking which can clearly be a health hazard as well as unsightly. so today were going to delve deeper into this problem and come up with the best solutions to for slippery deck prevention and cleaning.

what's the best non slip decking product? polydeck

grp anti slip products will stop decking being slippery. however, the best solution for slippery decking is to invest in a grp anti slip decking product available in several patterns and finishes including timber deck effect non slip decking can either be laid down instead of timber decking, or supplied in a thin panel format and

how to make decking safer when it rains

how to make decking safer when it rains. you can start by installing a non-slip deck. will not only provide an extremely effective non-slip solution, but theyre long lasting too. that said, the downside is that they do change the overall look of your deck, and whether or not this is too high a price to pay, only you can decide.

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anti-slip solutions for walkways and decks safetygrip solutions manufacture a wide range of anti-slip products for all types of walkways, decks and general working areas. our high traction surfaces will provide personnel with increased levels of safety whilst they go about their business. you can count on safety-grip to improve level s of grip and

2014 seven trust is dangerous because it is slippery

our new deck is horribly slippery, even when it's not wet. a product like benjamin moore antil slip 116 or an equivalent anti-slip alternative will provide an abrasive coating to materials for

how to fix slippery stairs today's homeowner

to improve traction and reduce the chance of slips and falls on outdoor wood steps, start by cleaning the steps thoroughly with a deck cleaner or brightener to remove any dirt, mold, or mildew. once the steps are clean and dry, you might want to consider installing peel-and-stick abrasive strips on

preventing and treating a slippery deck

a deck is an extension of your living space. when the weather is nice, your deck becomes a hub of activity, the perfect place to entertain friends and family outdoors. the last thing you want is for your deck to be unsafe, which is why a slippery deck can be a problem. why is my deck slippery?

anti slip flooring and safety solutions

anti, non slip flooring treatment and safety solutions the following outlines some of our products, services and customer base. we take pride in fixing slip hazards and have been providing anti slip flooring and safety solutions since 1996.

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anti-slip solutions nz we provide new zealand with a 'one stop shop' approach to anti-slip solutions. whatever your slippery surface problem, we will have a solution for you. customers tell us that they find us - 'knowledgeable', 'professional', 'reliable' and 'affordable'.

safety decks, stairs and steps

wizardgrip safetygrip and tredsafe all give decks, steps and stairs superb anti-slip properties and step edge definition. wizardgrip is industrial strength, safetygrip and tredsafe is more domestic or commercial.

what is the best pool deck coating? hunker

anti-slip coatings provide a simple way to coat a pool deck and may be used alone or along with another coating. clear anti-slip coatings contain a small amount of texture in the form of polymer or mineral fragments to give them their anti-slip quality while retaining the look of the pool deck and protecting it from fading or damage from chemicals.

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a slippery floor is a dangerous surface for anyone in your family, and because decks are typically outdoors and prone to developing puddles of water, decks require special attention.

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last opition, is to replace the deck boards with the anti slip boards, these are sold in b and q and im sure elsewhere for a more reasonable price, they are a standard decking board with anti grip stuff already attached.

7 common decking problems and solutions

7 common decking problems and solutions. by. kate goldstone - may 15, 2015. 2. facebook. twitter. google . which is much easier to maintain than the alternatives: anti-slip decking paint and anti-slip varnish, both of which will deteriorate, packed with practical advice about keeping your garden deck looking absolutely fabulous.

slippery tile solutions, anti-slip easy fix with invisatread

- the invisatread anti-slip family of products helps to protect against the risk of slip and fall accidents in the home, or commercial spaces. invisatread is not a coating, but rather a safe and effective anti-slip process designed for most hard surfaces

the solution for slippery decking

the solution for slippery decking - safe tread safe tread's anti-slip decking strips are a quick and cost-effective solution to the problem of slippery decking and steps. they are also

how to fix slippery swimming pool decks

swimming pool decks can come in many types of surfaces. we have helped customers treat slippery concrete surfaces, travertine, river gravel, tile and many others. no matter what kind of swimming pool deck you have, we have an anti skid solution that will make it safe for years to come.