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concrete balconies/decks with conditioned living space underneath. a good solution is to use cedar wood planks to provide the actual walking surface cedar is rot resistant . to provide a drainage surface it is necessary to provide a slope so the water can run away, but it is a pain walking on an un-level surface.

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as recent news stories reveal, wood rotting and structural failures of balconies and decks can have costly consequences. the structural design and construction of decks and balconies, including their guardrails or handrails are critical for the safe performance of these structures and to avoid structural failure.

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decking and waterproofing. dex-o-tex waterproofing products offer protection for a wide range of residential and commercial surfaces from pedestrian walkways, to parking garages, to residential decks and balconies. our waterproofing products are specially designed to protect exterior concrete and decking surfaces against weather damage, uv radiation,

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finishing touches for garden and balcony decking. recommended materials: fascia board; corner trims; method: screw the fascia board to the joists, in order to hide the grooved decking edge. add any corner trims provided only for the pioneer range . creating a circular deck

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we are a full service contractor - licensed, bonded, insured, workers comp. deckrepairpros works closely with associations to reduce construction and maintenance costs by providing clients with fast, efficient results, allowing associations to maintain the value of their assets.

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figure 4. balcony with cantilevered joists extending through a masonry wall. the deck surface is pervious. pt wood framing for balconies that rely solely on cantilever beams for structural support as depicted in figure 4 is not recommended due to several structural and in-service issues.

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balcony deck surfacing materials engineering influence of asphalt surfacing on fatigue evaluation of in fatigue evaluation of rd joints, in most current design specifications the asphalt surfacing is just treated as a layer dispersing wheel loads, in which the wheel loads are uniformly distributed on the deck plate and the effect of the composite stiffness of the deck plate and asphalt surfacing is neglected.


waterproof decking. protect and beautify your plywood and concrete balcony decks with a waterproof deck coating installed by life deck. designed by some of the most experienced technicians in the industry, our waterproofing systems provide reliable moisture barriers that are available in a multitude of textures, finishes and patterns.

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however, there is another key factor that is frequently overlooked for long-term performance of a deck, balcony, or elevated walkway, with a topping slab or wearing surface, and that is the drainage of water from the system.

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columns typically support decks and balconies. columns transfer loads from joists or beams to foundations, footings or both. columns can be made of several materials. some columns have a wood upper section and masonry lower section. most round wooden columns larger than 6-inch diameter are hollow. they are made like barrels.

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keraflex terrace and balcony surfacing quick and easy installation, low structural height the innovative refurbishment system for deck and balcony flooring is called keraflex . keraflex is a floor made of elastic basis mats and tiles that can be laid directly on the sealed, old floor.

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balcony deck. the strength of the joists in the balcony are dependent on a considerable backspan of the same joists into the structure, generally a minimum of 3 times the length of the joists exposed at the balcony. these joists must also extend to a second bearing location inside the home, often a beam or bearing wall down the middle of the home.

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old decks: remove and scrape away all old loose or cracked coatings, caulking and sealants. it is especially important to remove all silicones or silicone residues. 2. pressure wash concrete, using 3000 psi minimum washer. remove all loose surface materials or old coatings and any oil based stains.

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the life span of surfacing materials like mastic asphalt on orthotropic steel deck bridges is quite short when compared with those of ordinary road pavements. several problems including cracking and rutting of the surfacing materials have been reported in many countries. in order to get an insight

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pressure-treated wood. one of the least-expensive decking materials you can buy, pressure-treated decking is used on about 75% of all u.s. decks. its chemically treated to resist rot, mold, and insects. however, it usually made from inferior-grades of pine or fir that tend to crack and warp over time, making maintenance an ongoing chore.

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what kind of flooring do you put on outside balconies? many traditional indoor floor covering materials can be used outdoors to breathe new life into your balcony. these materials are

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balcony and rooftop deck waterproofing. applying gacodeck adds the waterproofing layer to a roof deck. the coating becomes an integral part of the surface and provides the necessary protection against the elements. gacodeck coatings provide an added measure of safety with slip-resistant granules.