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somehow i gotta match that level of noir…types in noir to google…about 308,000,000 results in 0.52 seconds. from his birth in new zealand to his growing up in rural queensland to him

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new zealand building code clause b2 durability sets out the durability requirements for building elements and cites nzs 3602:2003 timber and wood-based products for use in building for timber treatment levels. designing a deck nzs 3604:2011 timber-framed buildings provides an acceptable solution for deck construction. we step you

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many modern homes have decks. while open-slatted decks attached to buildings at ground level don't cause many weathertight problems, open-slatted decks at upper levels do cause issues, and so do waterproof decks (decks that have a membrane installed to intercept and drain water).

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you can follow our platform deck plans or create your own. here are some things to keep in mind when building a ground level deck: a platform deck can be any shape, but basic rectangles are easiest. the fireplace notch in the corner of our deck made the whole structure a bit more complicated. your deck can be any size.

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#diycrew #hrvdiy #renovision learn a great way to build a ground level diy deck with no digging! follow this plan for a weed free living space in just 1 day! visit our amazon store to find tools

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4 more new zealand volcano victims identified; the building in the heart of downtown berkeley has apartments in the upper floors and retail shops at ground level. the walkable neighborhood

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or enjoying some quiet time, sipping coffee on your deck then perhaps it’s time to think about building a ground level deck. ground level decks (also called a floating deck or a platform deck) are decks that are close to the ground. when decks are less than 30” above grade, they’re usually easier to build for three reasons.

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prior to laying the decking it’s important to air season the timber. this is a crucial step to building a good deck. most pressure treated timber in new zealand is described as treated wet which means nothing happens to the wood after pressure treatment. it normally comes from a treatment facility and is stored outside at timber yards.

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a common question is how close can h3.2 deck bearer be to the ground when installed over timber piles? nzs 3604 timber-framed buildings requires that the top of a timber or concrete pile must be at least 150 mm above the ground, which determines the clearance between the bottom of the bearer and the ground to be a minimum of 150 mm.

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tourists missing after deadly new zealand volcano eruption cost $25.5 million to build and rests on 120 acres of land. design where the playing surface is actually below ground level (21

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frame design. ground-hugging decks—those less than a foot off the ground—probably aren’t going to use cantilever beams to support the joists; rim beams and in-floor beams make more sense. if you aren’t mounting a deck ledger, then you can orient the beams either parallel or perpendicular to the house.

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nab breaks up with bpay mambo project. the national australia bank (nab) has put its own innovation agenda ahead of co-operation with bpay, westpac, commonwealth bank of australia and australian

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a graphic designer in new zealand built this "tech tree house," the soaring nearly 50 feet above the ground with the help of a stately 20 over-the-top tree houses you've gotta see.