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this deck is a mix with the new support of the rose dragon and black garden. deck list; monster: world carrotweight champion x3 blue rose dragon x3 white rose dragon x3 predaplant ophrys scorpio x1 red rose dragon x3 predaplant darlingtonia cobra x1 ash blossom and joyous spring x2 dark rose fairy x3

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i have had a plant swarm for about 8 or 9 weeks now and i want to try a more controling deck. note i dont have the money for solemns so its like im running with one leg. i maybe able to replace them with dark bribes for my local tourney but i would have to borrow them. any suggestions? 3 lonefire blossom 3 black garden 3 botanical lion 1 card

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black garden seems interesting, but not very usable since bujin can't really summon a lot of guys at once unless you use rise, but that will only count as 1 summon, so eh . i build a ojama one using the piercing guy which can work but is still pretty inconsistent.

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but it's worse for bujins: they're also hurt by both cards. while the deck isn't immediately beaten by either card, it does present a serious threat that needs to be addressed. three typhoons in the side deck are already a staple, but we could see bujin players give something like twister or dust tornado a shot.

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spirits black garden ver started by lyude , 16 feb 2014 : 0 replies 323 views; lyude 16 feb 2014 an awesome synchro deck started by bujin deck try it started by takamurac , 31 jan 2014 : 12 replies 888 views; takamurac 06 feb 2014 my competitive alien deck started

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a sylvan deck with rose bell of revelation from seven trust pack 2019. the first effect of rose bell of revelation allows you to add a 2400 or higher atk sylvan monster from your deck to your hand, while the 2nd effect works with the effects of sylvans that send it from the deck to the gy.

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this card can be searched by 'dark sage', 'ancient gear drill', 'angmarl the fiendish monarch', 'left arm offering', 'terraforming', 'an owl of luck', 'demise of the

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ignore the deck above, this is the real decklist: 2 tytannial 3 lonefire blossom 1 copy plant 1 card trooper 1 dandylion 1 gorz 1 cyber valley 2 twilight rose knight 1 nettles 2 lord poison 2 botanical lion 1 gigantic cephalotus 3 miracle fertilizer 3 black garden 2 mark of the rose 1 monster reborn 1 mystical space typhoon 1 heavy storm 1

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alright so i got a request to use black garden with horus. now at first i had level 4 and level 8 in the deck but i realized they were counter productive with black garden so i dropped both of

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monsters: 3x bujin yamato 3x bujingi crane 3x bujingi turtle 3x effect veiler 2x bujingi quilin 2x brotherhood of the fire fist: bear 1x honest spells: 3x black garden 3x mst 2x pot of duality 2x forbidden lance 2x fire formation: tenki 1x foolish burial 1x bujincarnation 1x dark hole 1x fire formation: tensu 1x terraforming traps: 3x dark bribe 2x bujin regalia: the sword 1x solemn warning

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'bujin' bujin, meaning martial god is an archetype of level/rank 4 light beast, beast-warrior, and winged beast monsters that debuted in judgment of the light. they are with the exception of 'bujingi warg' and 'bujingi pavo' based on japanese folklore. the archetype has four

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he is essential to black garden versions of this deck that allow you to otk. this card is bujin yamato with the bujingi armor, and is also loosely based off of the sea kami susanoo from shintoism. run 2-3 bujintei kagutsuchi: spoiler:

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this is my first attempt to make a black garden theme plant deck. if you have any suggestions or ways to improve the deck, feel free to comment. any suggestions would be more than welcomed. 2 tytannial, princess of camellias 3 lonefire blossom 1 lord poison 2 nettles 1 dandylion 1 gigantic cephalotus 2 botanical lion 2 cyber valley 2 gigaplant

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tech pieces for black garden bujins? close. 6. posted by u/ deleted 6 years ago. archived. tech pieces for black garden bujins? sooooo i made a typical bujin deck on devpro, nothing too crazy besides the core monsters yamato, quilin, crane, and turtle . i was just wondering what would be a good way to tech this deck out, i know yamato fuels

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super solar nutrient gives more opening plays to the deck, also combos with black garden extremely well. pollinosis again, combos well with black garden, but there are trade-offs to running more trap cards in a build designed for wiping out established boards rather than preventing them.

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the official bujin guide and discussion thread xxxvii: during the end phase, if you added a 'bujin' monster from your deck to your hand this turn, except by drawing, while this card was face-up: you can draw 1 card, then discard 1 card. black garden is getting much respect at locals. people underestimate the instant otk it can pull off.

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his synergy with the deck was undeniable, and with me now running 6 dark type monsters i was now able to justify throwing bls into the deck as a reliable main deck boss monster. q: 1 black garden? a: this originally was the 3rd trap stun, but i went back to the original bujin otk's idea of taking advantage of crane's ability to reset my monster

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i have not tested this deck yet. reasoning behind some maybe odd cards: cactus bouncer is great to throw onto the field right before you put down a black garden, next turn once they summon, special summons are locked down. seed of flame: 1600 attack, so it is godly with black garden in more than one way.

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try to add 2-3 van'dalygon the dark dragon lord, you got enough counters for him. also dandylion as its out now and is fun to abuse with black garden. not 100% sure what to remove for time being tho.

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deck list mà anh s dng là bujin - mt deck ã rt hot k t khi ra i vi các support liên tc t konami qua các set. có khá nhiu phong cách s dng bujin, có th k ra nh bujin garden chi kèm vi black garden và stoic challenge otk

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**10 likes for bujin gameplay coming soon ** please remember to like and subscribe new profile time bujins with a bonus at the end featuring combos with black garden suggestions in the

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my bujin garden deck. free to taking feedback self.yugioh submitted 5 years ago by xintae ghostricks my bujin deck, until ss comes out in november, set for sept 1st format, dosen't have a side deck yet, waiting for new format to see what new decks get popular. 3x black garden. traps: 8 1x bujin regalia- sword. 1x horn of phantom