creative ways to extend a patio concrete slab

pouring concrete for extended patio - youtube

additional concrete is required to extend the patio. diy - amazing ideas with cement - how to make your wife happy - duration: 10:04. vta- construction tips recommended for you

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how to build a patio. cbs this morning's bob vila has the way to do it, to install a slate patio you would have to hire a contractor to pour a concrete slab, then mix up some more concrete

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how to extend a small diy concrete patio odell complete concrete best way to tape and coat a butt concrete finishing techniques - how to mag float, edge, and broom a concrete slab

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the solution: extend the concrete patio. pouring additional concrete can get expensive. permits are required in many areas to pour concrete, and that usually involves hiring a contractor, driving the cost of this project into the thousands. an alternative to pouring more concrete is extending the concrete patio with pavers.

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patio makeover begins with cement patio extension

extending and painting the cement pad. to save on time and money, we left the existing concrete slab. also we chose to extend on either side of the existing concrete so we wouldn’t have to disturb any of the existing sprinkler heads that were in front of the concrete space (since we have a sprinkler system in the front and back).

creative ways to extend a patio concrete slab

creative ways to extend a patio concrete slab. paver patio ideas: what to know before choosing 27 may 2014 paver patio ideas: what to know before choosing concrete or pavers the most basic concrete patio is a simple gray slab, but you need not give remove or add them to shrink or expand the square footage, respectively.

how to extend a concrete patio slab

how to extend a concrete patio slab by the easiest way to do this is to cover the extension with plastic. after approximately 48 hours, the wood forms may be removed. then simply wait an extra couple of days and the slab will be strong enough to be subjected to stress, and you can enjoy a long-lasting extension to your patio.