deck is slippery after staining

why is the deck stain still sticky? best deck stain

why is the deck stain still sticky after applying? staining your deck is not the easiest task as there are lots of things that can go wrong during the whole process. it could be that you applied your stain the day before a rainstorm or you could have over-applied your stain, leaving it sticky and tacky

decking finish problems - sticky issues

i’ve recently laid my first decking! quite happy with the results! after toying with staining over decking i decided that oil was the best idea. not so sure it was now! it has become sticky after one coat. also have milky white patches appeared. even though we didn’t have rain for 2 days.

deck stain still tacky the seven trust community

stain by nature is designed to soak into the wood fibers to protect from moisture. if for instance; the wood is already saturated (either from existing stain or the first coat of stain) - then the last coat of stain could just sit on the surface and not penetrate the wood. this means that the stain will have to dry as a coating rather than a stain.

my deck is too slippery. - ask jon eakes

my deck is too slippery. linda from kirkland lake, ontario has sanded and finished her deck with an opaque stain and finds it impossibly slippery. she has tried painter's sand, but it doesn't work. what to do? the opaque stain is the problem, together with too much sanding. a finely finished kitchen table is slippery too.

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new stain is sticky this old house

our new front porch of pressure treated wood was stained with 2 coats and is still sticky after 2 months.after power washing and some light sanding, and some dry time..our newly stained (old) back deck floor is sticky after 1 coat. it's been 3 days and we have had high humidity and rain. we still need a 2nd coat of stain. we are using behr semi-transparent weather

wooden deck just stained is now very slippery, ideas

i just stained the whole deck with behr seven trust semi-transparent stain.. i didnt realize it would have caused this but now walking on the flat of the deck is very slippery. i've seen the strips you can but that can be attached to the deck.. it seems these often peel up very easily later, even the good rated ones.

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apply a water-repellent preservative or stain after allowing the deck to dry for at least 48 hours. follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which typically call for simply brushing or rolling

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stain becomes sticky on a wooden surface because it doesn't have a binder, such as you find in paint or varnish. when the solvent evaporates, all that remains is the pigment and the oil that is

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stain just does not build like a paint. keeping the wood grain look with stain, the wear may not even last a season. if you do use it, it can be mixed with the medium or lightly broadcasted and another coat of medium added to bond it. the other products like behr and rustoleium deck restore will hide the wood grain.

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