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in architecture, a baseboard (also called skirting board, skirting, mopboard, floor molding, or base molding) is usually wooden or vinyl board covering the lowest part of an interior wall.its purpose is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor. it covers the uneven edge of flooring next to the wall; protects the wall from kicks, abrasion, and furniture; and can serve as a

duoclean cordless upright with powered lift-away ic160uk

for cleaning carpets and hard floors. to activate brushroll, step on floor nozzle and tilt handle back. use powered lift-away to reach under furniture to clean carpets and hard floors. upright powered lift-away use the wand in lift-away mode for more reach when cleaning above-floor areas like coving or skirting boards. lift-away with wand

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firstly, the goal of almost all of the boards is to be the first to get to the end of a linear (not looping) track. this distance varies anywhere from about 16 to 50 spaces. you get to move once at the start of each turn by rolling a dice block or magic card (board-dependent) that can send you anywhere from one to six spaces ahead in most cases.

why does sen warren refuse to acknowledge that middle

why does sen warren refuse to acknowledge that middle class taxes will go up? politics this is a split board - you can return to the split list for other boards.

replacing skirting before or after tiling floor? diy

hi - i have followed these boards and just laid a new floor in the kitchen and although not perfect it isn't bad. i removed the skirting and tiled up to the walls. the old skirting was just that cheap 2.5 inch pine stuff that seemed to be nailed into the walls with 4" nails for some reason. as a result lots of the plaster came off as well.

should i fit skirting before the carpet layer comes round

should i fit skirting before the carpet layer comes round, or after? for a more professional finish is would suggest fitting the skirting boards first then have you carpet laid. this will give a nice finish to the carpet were it meats the skirting board and will also give you good access to the floor under neath the carpet. also when

fit skirting boards or lay flooring first? - mybuilder

we currently just have bare floorboards and need new skirting boards all round the room. but which do we need to do first, lay the flooring (probably laminate in dining area and tiles in kitchen) or get the skirting board done? and could just one tradesman do this for us or would we need separate ones for each job?

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7. foyer 1st floor; go to the slats in the parents bedroom, do this by going up the dream catcher and the sign on the door, now copter over to the table in the corner, now go along the skirting board and then up the rope, up the ledge and then up the ladder type thing, follow the passage all along now copter down to the fountain.

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for shining force ii on the genesis, a gamefaqs message board topic titled "playthrough topic (many spoilers, obviously)" - page 5.

when fitting skirting boards to walls follow this step by

this section contains everything you need to know about fitting skirting boards to a high professional standard, even if you are a diy novice attempting to install skirting to walls for the first time.. some of the different aspects that are covered on these pages; common skirting board molding types available