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10/10 on all fronts efficiency from front to back office and service excellence is synonymous with sa waterproofing the work was undertaken within 24 hours of first contact, a very professional and friendly team arrived on time and completed on schedule.thank you darrell and the sa waterproofing team, you met all my expectations 100%.

best flooring options for an office

factors in play when choosing the best office flooring. university buildings, airports and areas of public congregation often feature flooring types like terrazzo, marble or even granite flooring. these are hard surfaces that can withstand wearing and the heavy traffic into the buildings for years.

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as one of the seven trust waterproofing membrane suppliers in south africa, robex offers the leading edge in waterproofing technology. rx protadeck is a 100% seamless, fully bonded waterproofing system that forms a protective membrane coating, providing protection against water and chemicals, with added abrasion resistance.

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welcome to flowcrete south africa flowcrete south africa is the leading manufacturer of polyurethane, acrylic and epoxy resin floor coatings and specialist adhesives, mortars and grouts across the sub-saharan region.

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bitumproof sa waterproofing gives complete waterproofing systems to commercial, industrial and residential buildings in south africa and surrounding. with years of experience and a formidable knowledge of waterproofing solutions, bitumproof sa offers professional consultations and free quotations on all residential, commercial and industrial properties.

a guide to wood sealers builders south africa

it is always advisable to sand new wood to remove irregularities such as splinters and rough edges, and to ensure its clean. using sandpaper like smith and co, start with a rough grit 80 to 100 and progress to a fine one 120 to 220 to ensure a smooth finish.

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self adhesive vinyl type that are applied direct to your frame or rims. excellent quality that will not fade or blur as can happen with ink printed decals . cut from top quality 5-7 year gloss or matt vinyl t hats uv resistant and fully waterproof.

best flooring options for an office

according to wendy mitrovich of polyflor sa one of the leading suppliers of vinyl flooring in south africa, it is important to fully understand what the area is going to be used for, the intended traffic in that area and the clients expectations; when choosing a floor covering. vinyl is fast becoming the preferred floor covering choice due to its comfort, durability and longevity, hygienic and acoustic properties, design possibilities, ease of maintenance and environmental

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multi-use, one component, polyurethane sealants for sealing roof joints acrylic sealants multi-use, one component, acrylic sealants for sealing or filling cracks in structures

five great types of kennel flooring for dogs animal hub

eva, the material used to make these tiles, is resistant to uv rays and chemicals. this means it may be less likely to fade in direct sunlight or during cleaning. these outdoor kennel flooring tiles are vented, so water can flow through them with ease. this means any spills or accidents will not damage your flooring, and cleanup is pretty simple.

tiling solutions waterproofing tal south africa

tal superflex is an easy-to-use acrylic waterproofing system onto which ceramic tiles can be fixed directly using a suitable tal tile adhesive system, making it ideal for waterproofing showers or balconies before tiling as well as exposed areas such as non-trafficable roof tops.

floor waterproof use material in south africa

non flooring products nfp - flowcrete south africa. waterproofing and damp-proof membranes . ivory 348 - a highly chemical resistant epoxy mortar, used as a floor screed on areas subject to . alloys, glass ceramic, quarry and mosaic tiles, bricks and the most common building materials.

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our eco friendly flooring is a family business, based in cape town and in somerset west. we service the whole of the western cape with our vinyl flooring. our company is one of the premier wood and vinyl flooring companies covering the western cape. our family is in the flooring business since 1960, both in the netherlands and in south africa.

10 best waterproof fabric and water resistant for sewing

use waterproof zipper tape to ensure the fastener is also waterproof. care of waterproof / water resistant materials. wash by hand if possible. these materials are best not dumped into the washing machine and forgotten. do not dry clean or bleach or use any of the spot stain remedies you use on normal fabrics or even harsh detergents.

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sika south africa about us flooring industry electronics industry dry areas waterproofing coatings waterproof coatings for the waterproofing of small structures like pools, ponds and tanks . social media

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sika south africa about us flooring grouting gypsum / mortar additives waterproofing basement and other concrete structures pool, pond and tank lining bridge decks drinking and clean water storage

a guide to wood sealers builders south africa

steel wool can also be used to produce a blemish-free finish. if there are nail holes or wood crevices, these need to be filled with wood filler and left to dry before you start. sand the wood along the grain using long strokes, back and forth.

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rubber it manufacture our own unique range of rubber water proof coatings that will protect your roof against rust/corrosion and water leaks, but will welcome agent supply/diy enquiries from anywhere in south africa and neighboring countries.

concrete waterproofing for infrastructural sustainability

concrete waterproofing for infrastructural sustainability in africa. water while essential in concrete production, placement, and curing is at the same time corrosive to the material, because once it fulfills its role in the production and other processes, it becomes an enemy to concrete. although rated by its function and the nature of its exposure, concrete can as well perform well in wet environments.

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polyurethane based products for waterproofing, sealing and protecting of structures against water ingress cementitious cement based products for waterproofing, sealing and protecting of structures against water ingress or loss

waterproofing cashbuild

waterproofing. specifications: coloured acrylic and rubberised bitumen waterproofing flash specifications: super laykold is an all-in-one system. there is no need f specifications: damp shield is water based and has a low v.o.c providing l

waterproof glue wood diy products alcolin

alcolin waterproof glue is a one-component professional-strength, waterproof polyurethane adhesive specifically designed for assembly work and for use with hardwoods, softwoods and non-flammable building boards.

liquid rubber coating solution rubberize it

dura-rubber a 100% waterproof and resistant to most everyday chemicals, including diesel and chlorine. dura-rubber is used in hundreds different applications from department of defense shipping containers to kio ponds and roof repairs it is a truly versatile product. while its tough as an epoxy it is easy to use as a latex paint.