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yes, a garage can be built and designed with a wood floor. whether or not it should be done is the true question as it is not going to be an inexpensive proposition. at my home near spokane, washington, i have a post frame garage which is built on a steeply sloping hillside 14 feet of grade change across 24 feet of depth .

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hello lemans63, strange choice for the garage. i have seen old time shops where they used to be an old building that kept the original wood floors. were they looking for a paint like material, or a clear solution to enhance the wood? combustion is something to consider with a wood floor suprised they could get permits for it, unless it is

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bigfloors is happy to offer easy-to-install flooring at low prices. all of the products we offer are made in the usa, so you know theyre high quality. we offer the top brands such as racedeck , snaplock , garagetrac and more.

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garex garage doors is a manufacturer and a supplier of quality garage doors for residential, commercial and industrial uses. garex garage doors manufactures and supplies the best steel and aluminum garage doors to suit all your needs.

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the manufacturer recommends that for garage floors the leading edge that is, the row of panels closest to the garage door , should be fastened to the slab with concrete screws such as tapcons , with a transition strip in front to protect the edges.

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my garage floor is always dry, except after i drive into the garage when the car is wet from the rain. if your garage floors in the past had a sweating problem, i think that the builder failed to put in any kind of moisture barrier. and, i agree with mike in that this is not something that is discretionary for the building inspector.

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the sierra wood garage kit is the perfect single car garage. the sierra is designed with high headroom and an 8 ft. x 7 ft. garage door opening; you purchase locally to match the style of your home, making this perfect for your vehicle, storage or work area.

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three car prefab car garages . add another bay to your garage and buy a wood or vinyl prefab three car garage. as with all of our standard one story garages, the building will have around an 8ft high sidewalls with a three garage doors, an entrance door and two windows. we offer three car garages as a workshop, maxibarn or saltbox style.

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the two story deluxe woodtex garage is your dream garage customize this site-built garage with one of our woodtex sales advisors today two story deluxe garage. prefab and site-built garages; woodtex is the nationwide manufacturer and retailer of storage sheds, garages, and cabins. find a woodtex retail location near you.

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by using hardwood plywood, youll make stunning garage shelves and cabinets without breaking the bank. selecting the right hardwood plywood for your project. the hardwood plywood you use for your garage shelves and cabinets will depend on the look and function you require. as mentioned, hardwood plywood is a great choice when the finish of

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which garage floor is best for you? you also have the option of ordering any of our single car garage kits without the wooden floor - the price is the same. 6 x 6 pressure-treated wood beams make up the base of the building. our delivery driver will remove the section of beam in front of the door s as part of the garage set-up.

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wood garage doors. clopay's wood garage doors are handcrafted from the finest wood species and built with pride in the u.s.a. harvested from sustainable and naturally fallen forestry, each overhead door is designed and built to create a unique and artistic addition to your home.

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has anyone ever framed a garage floor out of wood floor joists and plywood? the span will be approx. 14' from wall to wall. 2x12 12'center, double layer of 3/4' ply enough? warning: the topics covered on this site include activities in which there exists the potential for serious injury or death. does not guarantee the

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the classic is simply that. a much-loved garage shed that has stood the test of time. it's hard to beat the classic for an affordable versatile garage. a side entrance door makes it easy to come and go without opening the overhead garage door, and side windows let in natural light and allow for ventilation.

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the garage salesperson says that they build the garages with a wooden floor that sits on a bed of gravel eliminating the need for a concrete slab. the floor is framed with treated lumber and has joists just like your house. he said it can easily hold my car and comes with a nice warranty.

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i built a 900sf wood shop on the back of a two car garage and i wanted a wood floor for a couple of reasons. first its easier on the body after standing all day and second, and just as important, was the insulation value. i wanted to keep my utility bills to a minimum so along with insulated 2x6

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these wood garage doors complement many architectural styles, from traditional to modern and adds timeless elegance and dramatic curb appeal to the home. door wood options for your wooden garage door panels can be selected with either flush or rail and stile. contact a distributor for wooden garage door cost.