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pvc lumber is a material -- more expensive than composite lumber materials; it is impermeable to moisture and won't swell or develop mold problems. you can cut pvc lumber with conventional wood saws, but you glue boards together in the same way you glue pvc pipes: by using solvent-weld cement.

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but the pvc holds paint much better. definitely worth a try. for pvc trim to the home use teq mount adhesive and for pvc to pvc use oatey heavy duty clear pvc cement.

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killing the oyster pack. the board and plastic aren't fused together, enabling both to be recycled. the retailer is also one of many phasing out toxic pvc, or polyvinyl chloride, formerly

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when you cut, rout, mould or mill cellular pvc, you break open a layer of these cells but you do not affect the integrity of the entire cell structure of the cellular pvc board or sheet. this is why cellular pvc is basically impervious to moisture and has a moisture content value of less than 0.5% when tested in accordance with astm test methods.

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different adhesives exist for pvc, drywall, kitchen and bath, and other uses for a reason: they work differently. versatex president john pace offers the following notes about adhesives for cellular pvc. bonding two pieces of cellular pvc typically requires a low-level chemical reaction that generates heat to fuse the boards.

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polyvinyl chloride (pvc) is manufactured in an interior, exterior or cellular form. lumber made from it is cellular, which means it has uniform air pockets throughout. it's more expensive than traditional white wood, such as pine, but less expensive than redwood. it's maintenance free, doesn't rot, doesn't need painting and has no defects.

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you can use the clamps from your steering wheel (if yours has clamps, my driving force gt does!) to hold the board to the pvc pipe so essentially you don't need any tape or glue to hold this board