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how to build wood steps on a deck today's homeowner

14 comments on how to build wooden deck stairs. in pictures they show the rise and runs however it appears the top step serves as the first step and the drop down is the rise to the first step of the stringer. everything i am reading they never actually explain this part. if it is 7 steps you cut only 6 out of the 2×12.

homemade wood stain: learn to make natural stain at home

you might just want a change. or you might be looking to protect a piece of wood so its more that just raw, unfinished wood. while you could solve this with varnish, you could also stain and then add shine. the problem with most stains on the market. wood stain from hardware stores are chemically derived, and they smell like it.

how to build a deck that'll last as long as your house

because these items are largely vertical, they can be made of wood and will last a very long time. lumber: the wood for all the above-ground framing is .40-grade pressure-treated lumber, which will last for decades without any maintenance. posts and planter framing that are underground call for foundation-grade .60-treated lumber, the same material used for wood foundations.

we want your wood to last forever, and yes, you can make

we want your wood to last forever, and yes, you can make wood last forever. the photo to the right is of a wooden chapel, called a stavkirke, in oye, norway. it was built in 1327. furthermore, it has survived the very wet norwegian climate. and it's not built from a particularly rot-resistant wood. it's pine.

making your wood deck last longer power washing thompson

if you have a wooden deck, you dont want it to just rot out. like everything it takes maintenance. every 2 to 3 years we power wash the wood and put thompson water seal on the wood to protect it.

how to build a wood pallet deck - hoosier homemade

we have been wanting to build a deck area for many years, but lets face it, decks can be expensive to build. so during a brainstorming session, doug came up with the idea to build a wood pallet deck. and i loved it building with wood pallets are all the rage, and i love how cool and rustic they are, so i was excited about the idea.

how to build a wooden ramp how-tos diy

place first 2x8. place first 2x8 on the right side of the 4x4. align the bottom of the 2x8 with the bottom of the building, and rest the other end on concrete cap blocks. temporarily place one deck screw into the 4x4 to hold it in place.

painting vs. staining your deck which option is best?

combining the two projects gives you the opportunity to make a striking impression that will last for years. paint hides flaws. if your deck is old and weathered, you may not want to display its every detail. painting will mask the flaws in your wooden deck, making it a great option if your deck is near the end of its life.

how to make treated wood last longer ehow

applying a sealant to the wood is the best choice no matter how the wood is used. whether it is used for a deck, railing or other purpose, painting or staining the material will lengthen the life of the wood. to paint or stain the wood, make sure it is clean of all debris, and apply a thin layer of paint or stain to the wood and allow it to dry.

wood deck maintenance - the key to making your investment last

the deck floor, stairs, and the tops of handrails, all areas that see a lot of use, will require the most attention. pressure wash the deck first to remove mold, algae, and other stains. using a wood brightener will make things easier; simply scrub it on with a stiff brush, allow to rest according to the package directions, then rinse it off using low pressure- no more than 1500 psi.

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because composite wood is a man-made blend of recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic, you can get it in any color, shape and size. natural wood is more affordable and can be painted or stained any color. both decking options will provide long-lasting outdoor living. diy your deck. we can help. start your planning your deck resurfacing project today with our free online deck estimator tool. youll get the information you need to build a deck in your outdoor space.

building wooden railings - installing wood deck railing

quick tips to building wooden railings that last and look good. for those of you looking at building a deck for the first time, here are some simple construction techniques and ideas for assembling basic wood rails.

smart ways to make a deck last the star

smart ways to make a deck last. also, it's essential that you use hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel or acq-rated fasteners to secure today's pressure-treated wood. the chemicals used to inhibit wood rot cause ordinary nails and screws to corrode quickly.

wood vs. composite decks - great day improvements

the cost of a wood deck will vary according to your location, the type of wood used and size of the deck built. upkeep. wood decks require upkeep, with lower end decking needing a bit more elbow grease than higher end products. pine decks may chip, and the boards have a tendency to twist as they dry out. mahogany and ipe, says edger, are surprisingly low maintenance. most wood decks will need to be sealed and stained at some point.

how to make a deck with wood pallets hunker

if the top deck boards are spaced too far apart, pry them up gently and reinstall them 1/4 to 1/2 inch apart, using deck screws instead of nails. add a board or two to fill in the space on the top deck. use a pole sander or electric sander and coarse-grit sandpaper to smooth the top deck boards and sides of the pallets.