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neotimber classic composite decking is engineered to last. the solid core is a unique composite of recycled plastic and wood fibres which ensures that the planks are resistant to issues that often plague timber materials. our classic boards do not rot, warp or splinter and outperform timber alternatives on resistance to uv rays.

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a lot of people hear composite decking and think of the issues that arose when composite materials first came on the market. the majority of which are associated with hollow composite decking, which was the main type originally on the market due to the reduction in weight. solid composite decking was the first way to

mega wood lite composite

megalite composite decking jewson landscaping made from natural wood fibres and polymer, this decking is strong, light and will not split, splinter or rot. will not fade with ultra-violet exposure.

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about composite deck refresh rocksolid composite deck refresh toner is an exceptional water-base exterior toner designed to refresh the color and restore the finish on faded composite wood decks. it provides protection against water damage, uv graying and mildew.

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international timbersmegalite composite decking, unlike other decking products has a longer lifetime and is easier to clean compared to other wood. it consists of 75% natural wood fibres and 25% high quality polymer binding agents and additives provide your terrace with a natural surface and make it almost indestructable.

hollow vs solid composite decking - senate composites

the 2 options available are either hollow or solid composite decking. solid composite decking is simply a solid board of the composite material. whereas hollow boards have a section, normally multiple cylinder or rectangular shapes, out of the centre of the boards.

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solid composite boards are strong and durable: while hollow composite deck boards can last a long time, solid composite deck boards are also durable. some of the cons of solid composite boards include their weight and their tendency to expand, contract or warp in extreme weather conditions, which can loosen fasteners around the joists.