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no staining or sealing, ever with ultra low maintenance decking. do you want to enjoy your time off? then please take some advice. do not build your deck with timber. why? because unless you reseal the wood at least once every year it will twist, rot and warp. low maintenance decking is the smart choice.

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penetrating oil finishes are much better for deck maintenance than polyurethane or varnish type finishes. oils do not crack as the timber expands and contracts with the varying weather patterns. deck oil treatments actually improve the structure of the timber, for once dry, the solids are stronger than the individual wood fibres that they bind

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how to clean a deck. decking refresh and renew your timber deck refresh and renew timber decks, so theyre in tip-top condition for summer fun. 01:00 outdoor living an essential pool maintenance guide be ready to dive in as soon as the hot weather hits, with our

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as a leading installer of timber decking in sydney, heres 1 decks tips on installing a deck close to the ground. its important to know that wood, while appearing hard, actually acts like a sponge, so timber will gain or lose moisture based on the conditions of the surrounding environment. installing a deck close to the ground may

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preparing your deck before coating. letting your deck naturally weather before coating: most of the finishing companys recommend letting the deck stay exposed to the weather for 6-12 weeks to let the tannins come out of the timber and the pores of the timber to open up which allows the first coat to penetrate further into the timber.

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answer: there are many types of timber available for outdoor decks, but there are no commonly used decking timbers that we consider unsuitable for the south australian climate. hardwoods of course are more resistant to indentation than softwoods, but treated pine will give good service in a domestic situation.

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8 outdoor flooring options for style and comfort. pros of composite wood decking. maintenance: in fact, if you have playground equipment, id be bold enough to say it is the best outdoor flooring option. no, this may not be your number one choice for a deck or patio, but if you have kids playing and jumping, regardless of equipment

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if youre yearning for a deck, but are worried about the ongoing maintenance it will call for, todays the day to think again. although decking is traditionally made of hardwood, the modern-day low maintenance options dont just look great, they last a very long time too.

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hardwoods. hardwoods are a great option for new zealand decks theyre extremely durable, highly resilient and can look, feel and even smell great. our most common hardwood decking is kwila. appearance. hardwoods can provide a stylish look to enhance any outdoor space. every timber is different, but its hard to go past the warm red-brown tones of kwila.

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accoya wood decking achieve a beautiful all weather, low maintenance deck with accoya when deciding what timber to use for outdoor decking materials; beauty, strength, sustainability and all-weather decking performance are important. accoya wood embodies the beauty of natural wood with exceptional performance characteristics.

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composite decking is incredibly durable and less likely to fade, warp, rot or splinter than timber decks. its also extremely low maintenance. no need for oiling and staining simply wash it down with a composite deck cleaner. cost. composite decking tends to be a more expensive option.