pergola added to existing deck

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it will be made of 2x12 rafters and perimeter framing regular wood deck boards and it would lay, unattached, on a existing bed of gravel. can i go through the boards, down 12 and install the posts to the deck that way? i would add plenty of blocking and cross bracing for attaching the post the planned platform would be no less than 20

adding pergola to existing deck

augy123 posts: 58, reputation: 3. replace the corner and center railing post with the pergola post using thru bolts. the weight of the pergola will only be the weight of the material itself. if you would like, you could add angle brackets underneath the deck where the deck joist and the band board meet to increase the sheer strength

pergola added to existing deck pergola, back deck, deck

deck pergola pergola cover small pergola pergola ideas diy deck patio roof pergola shade porch ideas pergola kits we had a lot of fun putting the design together for this homeowner the original thought was to replace the old chopped up, sectioned off deck with

pergola on raised deck

if you add knee braces of some sort where the pergola beams join the pergola posts, racking and lateral wind loading can be addressed. if you carried the pergola posts to an on-grade or below-grade footing depending on your local requirements, then there would be no problem through-bolting the pergola posts to the deck structure.

can i reasonably build a pergola on top of an 8'x12' deck

e.g. build a posted pergola bigger and around my deck. the below pics don't show it great, but there is good room for a 8'x8' free standing roof/pergola at the end of the deck. i was inspecting the deck construction and i can notch 4'x4' posts to mount outside against the joints, flush with the railing.

attaching roof posts to existing deck

i want to build a roof over our deck and i'm wondering the best way to attach the support posts to the existing decking structure. i've asked two of the builders that built the place and both tell me that they would just sit the posts directly on the deck and bolt/screw the post straight through into the existing post below.

add pergola to existing deck

custom pergolas and trellises bring it outdoors in style style and class, adding a trellis or pergola to your deck takes backyard leisure to a new dimension. easily added to an existing deck or patio and they provide both shade and sun.

pergola added to existing deck deck with pergola

the pergola was added to our client's existing deck. this project was designed and built by archadeck of chicagoland, your premier naperville, il pergola builder. building a pergola deck with pergola arbors patio ideas yard ideas trellis front porch porches decks

pergola added to existing deck pergola, back deck, deck

a lovely gazebo at the front of a beautiful white-walled house is part of a brown wooden deck. to create a traditional look, you can add decorative elements such as a wooden table, iron-framed furniture, rustic bricks, and rugs. pour elements from your home interior to the deck, but with more personal touch. here are 18 great ideas to try. see more

adding a pergola to an existing deck?

my idea for the pergola is this: place 4x4x10 posts at the same locations as the deck posts. for the 4 posts that are at the outer edges of the deck a, b, d, e , the 5th post c would be 2 feet in from the edges of the deck, run 2x6 beams between the new posts, either sitting on top of

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when you want to add a pergola an existing deck the first consideration is whether the deck will support the additional weight. online service 38,346 add a pergola to a deck home design photos - houzz

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deck with pergolas in lancaster chester county deck with pergolas in lancaster chester county deck with pergolas in lancaster chester county building a pergola on raised deck can i reasonably build a pergola on top of an 8 x12 deck home remodelaholic diy pergola tutorial how to build your own backyard.