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the experts in precast hollow-core flooring and concrete wall solutions . established in 1983 echo boasts more than 30 years experience in the design manufacture, delivery and installation of hollow-core floors and walls, reinforced hollow-core concrete floor slabs and prestressed hollow-core concrete floors, security and retaining walls.

pci manual for the design of hollow core slabs

by precast/prestressed concrete institute first edition, 1985 second edition, 1998 this document is intended to cover the primary design requirements for hollow core floor and guide specification for precast, prestressed hollow core slabs ..8--1 references index.

thermal flooring, hollowcore thermal floor slabs

the thermal performance of standard oreilly hollowcore floor slabs is 25% better in average com- paring to the same slabs with open voids. thermal mass effect thermal mass is a property that enables precast concrete floors to absorb, store, and later release significant amounts of heat.

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hollowcore concrete slab is a versatile precast element. hardly any building materials available today offer the economy, flexibility and reliability of precast, prestressed concrete. hollowcore advantages the advantages of hollowcore slabs. there are several advantages of the precast hollow core slab or prestressed hollow core slab such as:

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hollowcore composite floors. our precast hollowcore composite combines hollowcore slab with a composite structural concrete topping. ideal for applications where enhanced structural performance and lateral load distribution is required, such as in industrial buildings, and multi-storey buildings and car parks.

hollowcore precast concrete concrete planks and slabs

paired with precast components or structural steel, spancrete hollowcore provides an immediate working surface and covered space for other trades. in addition, the panels have continuous voids in them that reduce weight and cost, and also may be utilized for electrical or mechanical runs.

hollow core plank -

hollow core plank. hollowcore plank . knightcore hollowcore plank is a precast, prestressed, concrete plank manufactured by a precision, extrusion process, from zero slump concrete providing outstanding dimensional control and uniformity. hollowcore plank concrete floor slabs are resistant to air-borne noise and transmission of impact

floors and roofs -

floors are the key element when it comes to architectural freedom and design. their load bearing capacity has a direct influence on the need for partition walls and other structural elements of a building. double tees, hollow-core, and solid slabs are prestressed floor elements. the excellent loadbearing capacity and structural efficiency

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hollowcore floor planks are precast concrete elements with continuous longitudinal voids providing an efficient lightweight section. when grouted, the shear key between adjacent planks ensures that the individual planks behave similarly to a monolithic slab.

hollow core concrete concrete hollow core floor slabs

the concrete hollow core slabs have between four and six longitudinal cores running through them, the primary purpose of the cores being to decrease the weight, and material within the floor, yet maintain maximal strength. to further increase the strength, the slabs are reinforced with 12mm diameter steel strand, running longitudinally.

technical guide for precast prestrssed concrete hollow

2 silverstone precast inc. hollow core plank technical guide temperatures are based on the amount of concrete cover and the standard fire exposure as defined by the time-temperature relationship specified in astm e119. fire ratings will also be improved if the plank assembly is restrained against thermal expansion. it should be noted