protect decking when putting flower pots on

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thanks for joining us for cookware week!in case you missed it, we shared our favorite cookware sets, accessories, and kitchen appliances, plus intel on how to care for all of it, and the best recipes to make with every piece.. don’t think you need a cookware care guide? you’re probably committing at least one cardinal cookware sin, so think again before you answer this next question.

selling your home? 17 tips for creating maximum curb appeal

selling your home? 17 tips for creating maximum curb appeal. including furniture and pots, from the porch, deck or entry and give the entire area a thorough cleaning. but don't put your

can i put this pot in the oven? - home cooking - chowhound

it's all made of the same material, and i figure if the bottom can handle fire, the rest of it should be able to handle a 325 oven. but it doesn't say anything on it about being oven-proof. is there a general assumption that pots are oven-proof but for their handles? should i put this pot in the oven?

8 inch surface saver - use under pots and planters

home planters & raised beds pots & planters plant trays & saucers 8” surfacesaver protect your deck, patio, porch floor or front stoop from stains caused by water drainage and condensation under potted plants. surface savers lift plants so water can drain freely from drainage holes, helping to keep plants healthy.

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fill up your sink or bathtub with a few inches of water and lay a towel inside to protect against scratches. rest your potted plants in the sink and leave them while you're gone. get a clear

how to protect a patio from water from planters garden

a patio garden adds color to your outdoor living areas. it is an opportunity to add color with flowers and to grow vegetables in a small space. salt and iron draining from the containers can stain pavement and wood, though. salt stains are usually white and less of an issue on pavement than on wood. orange rust

how to protect decks from planters home guides sf gate

how to protect decks from planters you'll eventually have to set them down, so protect the deck from planter marks and stains. digital vision./digital vision/getty images

can flower pots be sat on a composite deck

pretty potted perennials proven winners. the rule of thumb for a plant to be winter hardy in a pot sitting on your patio is that it if you are a gambler you can try to over-winter a plant that is one zone that is going to be left outside include plastic, composite, metal and wood pots. .

prevent water damage to your deck by putting pot risers

potted plants are a great way to bring color to your deck or porch, but without proper drainage, the water from them can rot your deck surface. elevate your plants with pot risers so the deck

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i hate potheads! 66 results bow down before some giant statue of a pot plant than bring them up to revere the dollar. not just a condition that occurs because you're putting things in your