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combined, the dat boards post an average of more than 485,000 loads each business day and have a database of more than 1.3 million trucks. dat power is a live load board, allowing you to view loads, trucks and transactions in real time.

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load board, freight matching, and bidding marketplace. get freight bids, call or bid on thousands of loads and get digital freight factoring tools.

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trucking's largest live load board. real-time spot marketplace. speed: the fastest freight-finder, with live search results. efficiency: multiple searches on one page, auto-refresh. reliable: accurate market rates for lanes searched. more choice: 993,000 loads every business day. load board and freight management

the 1 load board for growing your business. is the freight communitys most trusted partner in freight rates and data, negotiation tools, and load board solutions.

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nextload is a free load board for truckers, freight brokers, shippers and trucking companies. unlimited freight search and load posting for free.

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more than 1.2 million load searches per business day 181 million are posted first on dat or nowhere else 930,000 loads per business day 235 million loads posted annually 181 million posted first on dat or nowhere else load board mobile app with every subscription 1.3 million trucks in dat super

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haul dry van, reefer, and power only loads; automated and suggested reloads reduce your empty miles they keep me on lanes i prefer to run, and get me home when i want. by combining loads from different shippers, convoy keeps us from driving empty trailers between jobs and we waste less time on load boards keeping our trucks busy.

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so, what is an online load board? think of it like a for the trucking industry. load boards are websites that essentially provide a venue for shippers and truckers to make arrangements to move freight. shippers and/or brokers post truckloads that they need transporting, and truckers looking for loads to carry can find them.

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our load boards are essentially digital job boards so that you can constantly keep up to date and share your details with others. who we serve. we work with you whatever your role is in the trucking industry. broker. our truck load boards allow you to post to multiple load boards with a single entry.

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find high paying truck loads of freight fast and free using the free load board search. hundreds of thousands of available truck loads and available trucks posted by carriers, freight brokers and direct shippers. freightfinder is the original free freight matching load board, offering 100% free load and truck searching since 1998.

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find loads. as a motor carrier, you want to find high-paying truckloads in the right location, and you want to find them quickly. while there are many load boards available, not all of them let your trucking business find loads and post your available trucks efficiently and easily, for free.

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load boards have advantages because they let you find loads quickly and effectively. its an easy way to get the business rolling. since new truckers often have tight budgets, using a free service is a good way to get some loads and save some money.

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nextload is a load board for carriers and truck drivers to find freight and for brokers and shippers to post loads all for free. whether youre searching for backhauls or to plan your load schedule for a month, youll find freight for a variety of equipment types from thousands of brokers and shippers on nextload.

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123loadboard is an industry leader in load board solutions with affordable web and mobile app platforms to find truckloads and available truck freight. some of the worlds largest carriers and freight brokers rely on our load matching services to move more truck loads.

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load boards also know as freight boards are online matching systems that allow shippers and freight brokers to post loads. they also allow carriers to post their free equipment. these systems allow shippers and carriers to find each other and enter into agreements to move freight.

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dat and getloaded have combined two load board networks to create one massive 'super-database' of loads and trucks, so no matter which dat product you choose, you get access to the most loads in the trucking industry. choose the product that best fits your business, depending on the size of your company and the kind of tools you'll need.

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if you are truck driver or owner operator you are going to use this trucking load board to find available truck loads in your local area or to move truck loads from state to state. we are an online trucking load board service between you the truck drivers and the shippers placing the available truck loads on the trucking load board.

the five best load boards every trucker should know rts

the board provides ooida members with access to dats north american marketplace for freight loads and trucks. with a free, 30-day trial and month-to-month subscriptions starting at $31.45, dat membersedge is a low-cost alternative for owner-operators who are on a budget but need to cast a wide net in finding good loads.

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load board truckloads. truckloads from trucker path gives carriers free unlimited access to 150,000 loads daily. find available freight faster than ever.

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trucker path helps america move its freight via our mobile application and your computer. thousands of carriers look for loads daily via our site, while hundreds of freight companies post their loads. we are here to connect the two.

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make your loads available anytime-anywhere. the direct freight network links loads and trucks using a combination of internet, e-mail alerts, and truck stop screens to quickly get load information to drivers and dispatchers who can get your freight moving. learn more.

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load my truck is schneider's free online load board for carriers who want access to thousands of quality truckloads from a name they can trust. schneider understands how important quality freight is to you and your drivers. we make it easy to find freight quickly so you can focus on keeping your trucks moving.

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load board with proven results. 123loadboard is an industry leader in load board solutions with affordable web and mobile app platforms. some of the worlds largest carriers, owner-operators, and freight brokers rely on our load matching services to find loads and move truck freight.