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advantages of using porcelain tiles as a flooring material

therefore, materials used most often on terrace floors have the appearance of wood or concrete. wood-like porcelain tiles; concrete; the apenino series of tiles is a great choice for fans of seven trust concrete. it is an offer for those who love minimalistic solutions and want to create an industrial style nook on their terrace.

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reclaimed barn wood tiles, multi-toned and directional. with faux tiles, you get the design benefits of a hardwood floor while also enjoying the functional advantages of tile flooring. thanks to technology, homeowners will have even more options next year and in coming years. tiles that resemble wood in terms of color, look and even texture will become commonplace.

roof deck tiles - rooftop deck flooring, rubber pavers

roof deck tiles, rooftop deck flooring, rubber pavers for flat roofs. flat rooftop areas are perfectly conducive to picnics, barbecues, and other outdoor activities. you can change the space of your flat rooftop or old, weathered deck into a beautiful living space ready for use of all kinds with our rooftop deck tiles. get the most out of your space without spending a fortune on remodeling your roof deck flooring.

terrace balcony flooring by warco rubber tiles

terrace and balcony warco tiles consist of rubber granules bound by polyurethane, so from to irregular particles of shredded rubber up to 3 mm on the edge length which are bound by polyurethane. the material is placed in special forms, similar to a waffle maker, and is subsequently 'baked' in the tiles of different dimensions.

how to waterproof a balcony or a terrace winkler chimica

characteristics of the ideal product to waterproof a balcony or terrace. the ideal system for waterproofing a balcony or a terrace must provide a waterproofing layer that is elastic and extremely tough, while ensuring extraordinary adhesion to the cement bond that will be used for applying the flooring.

using click lock wood flooring on the ceiling unique

lightweight flooring is the way to go. engineered wood flooring is the most popular choice for tongue and groove wood ceilings. consider the weight and opt for wood species such as bamboo or pine. made from softer wood, these flooring planks will place less strain on the ceiling joists and subfloor.

terrace pavers rooftop terrace paving

the best place to start is with the terrace flooring as this will be the most critical aspect of your renovation. while concrete pavers are certainly one product you could consider, one of the newer and better products that can be used to create a new terrace floor are lightweight 3/4 thick, structural porcelain terrace pavers .

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a roof slab is subject to severe weather conditions round the year. the absence or inadequate waterproofing in this areas can lead to variety of problem like leakages in ceilings below terrace floor, dampness in parapet walls or seepage in the terrace slab.

ultimate guide for selecting the right material for floors

stone flooring. natural stone is a top flooring choice for homes and offices. huge blocks of natural stone are mined from quarries and then sliced to create slabs of natural stone. since stone is a natural material it is available in a wide variety of shades and colors depending on the quarry from where it was mined.

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mud flooring mud has been the easiest form of material available for building construction. it has been adopted for various elements in the house in different forms. floorings in mud have mostly been adopted in village housing as besides being economical, mud is readily available and the flooring is easy to construct and maintain. brick

types of waterproofing - complete guide for all types and

material and methods. applied to all the edges and corners sinks and bathtub. extra sealant is applied to the floor level edges and chajja of windows and balcony because the water usually retains at those places. caution: avoid using low quality white cement putty as it tends to beak and get dirty with time.

types of waterproofing - complete guide for all types and

this blog is a comprehensive guide for all types of water seepage problems and their relative waterproofing solution. all the procedures, products, and process you need to know about types of waterproofing. all the misconceptions are debunked related to prominent building parts and the house walls.

wall vs. floor tile - what to know before you buy

cof ratings are one thing that 'define' which tile goes on wall or floor. every ceramic or porcelain tile has a certain cof rating. floor tiles must have a minimum level of friction to make it safe to walk on. this is called coefficient of friction or cof, with higher numbers representing more friction.

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before beginning, be sure to repair any cracks with concrete filler and clean the floor thoroughly. then prime and paint using materials designed specifically for covering floors. paint is the least durable of all garage flooring options, and you may need to repeat the process in approximately three years.

what kind of flooring do you put on outside balconies

what kind of flooring do you put on outside balconies? safety remains a top priority when considering what type of material to use on your balcony. december 06 . what kind of flooring do