what is the cost of a deck12 ft by 12ft

how much does it cost to build a 12 x 15 deck

how much would it cost to build a 12 x 12 bedroom? in the us, $25 per sq foot. this price includes everything complete if a contractor does the job, a home owner can do this for about $10 per sq foot

deck calculator

deck calculator - stumps, bearers, joists and boards with individual total costs and connections fasteners geometric calculator only. check local building regulations for required material, sizes and spacing. enter cost per linear foot and wastage % for stumps, bearers, joists and boards to calculate individual and total costs.

cost to build a 12 x 20 deck? yahoo answers

the deck i want to build would be free standing, use pressure treated pine. at it's lowest point it would be inches off the ground, and at it highest point about 2 feet off the ground. the high end would have a 4 foot wide staircase. i want to use 4 x 4 posts, 2 x 6 framing with a spacing of 12 inches between joists. handrail will be basic and want to use simple beveled end ballisters.

deck flooring calculator and price estimator

to use our calculator, youll need to know the size of your deck and the boards you want to use. most boards are available in 3 1 2 or 5 1 2 widths and 8, 10, 12, or 16 lengths. youll also need to know the joist spacing you are planning to use, most commonly 12, 16, 20, or 24.

how much would it cost to build a 8ft/12ft wooden deck 3ft

how much would it cost to build a 8ft/12ft wooden deck 3ft high.? how much would it cost to build a 8ft/12ft wooden deck 3ft high. 8-x-12-foot do-it-yourself single-level rectangular deck average $450-$800; having someone do the work bumps the price range to $800-$1,520. which might splinter or turn gray over the years costs $10-$16 a

what is the cost of a deck 12 ft by 12ft

what is the cost of a deck 12 ft by 12ft. home>>project case>> what is the cost of a deck 12 ft by 12ft . what is 12ft x 12ft deck plans? - top answers and questions - sitestatrreplace your existing canopy, or refresh the look of your existing gazebo with this replacement canopy. specifically designed for use with 12 ft. x 12 ft. harbor

deck cost calculator

11 additional charges are extra fees for building custom designed elements or other structures on a deck. 12 total cost to build a new deck is a gross amount homeowners should expect to pay for building a new deck based on project size, actual materials expenses, cost of labor and possible additional charges and fees.

permit and cost for 8 ft by 12 ft deck

permit and cost for 8 ft by 12 ft deck. posted by: egbert from toronto . 8/20/2017 at 11:33:55 am. do i need to apply for a permit to build a deck and how much will it cost me to build it on top of a flat roof above the second floor?? note: the size is 8 ft by 12 ft. post a reply track this posting.

top 20 porch and patio designs and their costs

the plan costs $70 and the cost-to-build for a 12 ft. x 16 ft. screened porch with shed roof is $13,000. images via family home plans. gazebo shaped porch. this is a very stylish design that definitely gives a facelift to an old and boring house. expect to pay at least $15,000 for this type of porch, but its worth the price.

cost of building a deck in the us today. informal survey

deck building costs vary across the country many factors come into play on what the cost might be to build your dream deck. we have taken a survey of our visitors, from across much of the united states and canada, to help you get a sense.

how much should i expect to pay for a 12 x 24 deck

answers. low-maintenance vinyl deck systems, which include rails, range from $13-22 a square foot installed, or $3744-$6336 for 12x24. rails, steps, benches or overhead arbors all add to the price tag. having a contractor install a 12x24-foot multi-level deck with railings and stairs averages $7372-$11520 or more,

what is the cost to build a deck? use our calculator

smaller decks will range between $1800 and $2200, and anything over 500 square foot in size will add to the cost exponentially. multi-level decks and decks using add-ons and optional features can run an average of up to $25,000.

what is the cost to build a 16ft x 12ft deck?

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