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as noted below, i'm not convinced it's an upgrade on collective brutality, but damn that's some fine tech i'll get back these here hollow ones that are now cheaper, and pitch something that'll auto-resurrect as a 'cost'. think perhaps the hollow one vengevine deck should have its own thread this deck is doing something different then the

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since the hollow one deck is an aggro deck, all we have to do is stall the game, stabilize the board, and eventually gain and press our advantage to slowly take them down with a flier. overall, we are the control deck in this matchup, with our advantage lying in both value creatures that serve as powerful blockers, and essential sideboard tech

modern hollow one discussion

whereas the gruul deck was the first appearance of hollow one, the rakdos deck is thus far the most succesful version with good pt finishes. this is the deck that finished 4th at the pt. the other 3 decks that i saw at the pt have an identical 60 and near-identical sideboard, so, this is the deck where you should start.

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cathartic reunion makes hollow one cost 1 , and vengevine is easily triggered with all the cheap creatures. this is defiantly an improvement on the one with burning tree i believe. the burn shell can perform better against tron, and the number of cheap creatures, including hollow one, can overwhelm death's shadow.

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mtg modern black-red hollow one deck tech tcgplayer. loading unsubscribe from tcgplayer? cancel unsubscribe. hollow one modern deck tech and matches - duration: 31:14.

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modern deck tech: hollow one - goryo's vengeance mashup. flipside gaming productions august 08, 2018 0 comments. this week, connor looks at one of the premier graveyard decks and tries to splice goryo's vengeance into it see what the combination looks like and what was cut to make room.

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hollow one modern deck tech and matches - duration: 31:14. mtgotraders 3,735 views. hollow one vs hardened scales affinity modern - duration: 30:57. star city games 20,691 views.

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hollow one the deck's namesake. hollow one is a 4/4 with a converted mana-cost of 5, which importantly puts it out of fatal push range. by discarding 3 cards in a turn, such as off a burning inquiry, you can cast it for free and by discarding 2, like a faithless looting, you can cast it for just 1-mana.


if your deck struggles to deal with leyline of the void and drs, you need some serious payoff. i don't think hollow one and flameblade adept are the threats for that. i've played around with the deck in modern, and it rarely felt like the strategy could hold up to turn 1 delver/drs and a fow/daze on the first fat creature.

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the namesake hollow one is the most powerful card in our deck, since we have a bunch of different combinations of cards that allow us to cast any number of hollow ones for free on the very first turn of the game. to get a free hollow one, we need to discard or cycle three cards in a turn, which is where street wraith comes into play.

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hollow one has huge upside in a deck built around discard synergies. when hour of devastation was first released this wasn't a card on many players' radars.i would be surprised if there was a single player with hollow one in their standard deck at pro tour hour of devastation.it has arrived late to the party, but now it is becoming apparent there are some pretty crazy decks you can build

dread it. run from it. muho still arrives. budget mono

i should change my user name to boomerang, because i just keep coming back ^ sorry i'll ^ leave now. back at it again with yet

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grishoalbrand deck tech and guide. by bob huang / june 16, 2015 october 11, 2019. zach and i have a combined record of 41-6 with the deck, which to my mind puts it at one of the greatest decks for a tournament of all time, bar none. three of those six losses are to infect, and one of them is to ad nauseam.


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this is a deck that takes advantage of the ability of hollow one to get played for free if you have discarded/cycled 3 cards in a turn as well as flameblade adept who has some nice evasion with menace and can become huge off of discarding/cycling cards.. your primary win con is an early game hollow one s you have two four of discard spells which you can play turn one. 1: faithless looting

hollow one modern deck tech and matches

the modern format is full of diverse decks that do so many different things. but this can play a turn 1 4/4 for free so, gg? decklist: www.mtgotrader


4 hollow one 4 street wraith 1 tasigur, the golden fang 4 burning inquiry 2 collective brutality 4 faithless looting 4 goblin lore 4 lightning bolt sideboard: 2 ancient grudge 2 big game hunter 2

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while this initial build of hollow one didn't really stick around for long although people still play versions of it from time to time , it was the performance of grace-martin and subsequent 5-0 finishes on magic online that got players to start taking the idea of a hollow one deck in modern seriously. shadow hollow oneaugust 2017

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so i see a lot of attention for bridgevine, but i have to say, played a game against naya aggro today, and i didn't see a single hollow one. instead, i won off the back of a turn 1 adept with turn 2 looting wraith cycle for 4 damage, then bolted them at eot, and on turn 3 i got to play collective brutality escalated to the max, discarding a fiery temper for 3 more damage, and then 3 more

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i think one of my only complaints was that the deck didnt feel like it had enough threats. youre looking at 4 hollow ones, 4 vengevines which are rarely cast and 2 hooting mandrills. the 1-drops are all great, but youre not playing a deck that can really take advantage of their chip damage, so theyre less impressive than normal.

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okay, maybe not, but in this deck they are the perfect complement to hollow one, which is more absurd in this deck than any it's been in before. vengevine is nice and all, and the death's shadow decks are cool i suppose, but nothing can top burning inquiry when it comes to enabling a huge hollow one play who doesn't like a pair of 4/4s on

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last week, i shared the decks i thought were best for grand prix vegas. i ended up submitting the exact same hollow one deck list i put in that article, and i managed to take it to a 13-2 record for a solid but unfortunate 10th place finish. right now, i think its one of the best choices in

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as a graveyard deck, this deck goldfishes faster than dredge, and is actually more resilient to graveyard hate because it can win with deaths shadow and hollow one, or in the case of grafdiggers cage, gurmag angler is also unaffected.