laying stones in backyard

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d i y gardening: laying down stones/ pea shingle - youtube

i will show you how easy it is to revamp your garden or small outdoor space with pea shingle. pea shingle looks great and is very easy to do all by yourself.

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how to beautify your backyard. april 26, place the stones where desired in your yard. a stone or brick walkway makes a beautiful addition to your yard, but laying one can take a lot of

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how to lay a stone patio this old house

to adjust a stone for flush and pitch, pry it up with a square shovel, then use a trowel to add or remove wet mix. repeat the same shoveling, laying, twisting, and tapping procedure for the next stone, leaving a 3/8- to ½-inch gap between stones. lay a level across both stones to ensure they are in the same plane.

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laying patio stones will be the most time consuming part of building a flagstone patio. there are no shortcuts to doing a quality job if you want yours to look like the ones that inspired you in the first place.

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how to install a flagstone patio (step-by-step) if you're looking to design your landscape and are searching for ideas where you can integrate natural stone into your yard, then you'll want to

how to install a flagstone patio with irregular stones

on our second day of stone laying, we began to find that it was harder and harder to make the flagstone puzzle come together easily; as a rule, we tried to create patterns that wouldn’t leave us with obscure, narrow spaces, since our palettes didn’t contain many tall narrow stones to fill those gaps.