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hidden treasure in abandoned buildings: changing philly’s demolition game. prying up decking and carting old wood to be sold for reuse. greg and his team are working with a general

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cleaning up any serious grime is obviously a must—and your top priority—but decluttering can be just as important; it makes your space look instantly classier and more inviting.. that’s not to say you need to hide everything extraneous. keep out your coffee table books and your beloved knickknacks that give your place your own personal touch, but stash all the truly random stuff like old

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framing a floor using "i" joists. this article teaches you how to build a floor for a house on a concrete foundation. this framing system can also be used for framing storage shed floors.this floor framing system is typical over basements and crawl spaces.

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make another notch every 16 inches (41 cm) to confirm the distance between each next joist. the length of your joists will vary depending on the size of the room and the exact materials you’re using. be sure to consult your local building codes before marking the position of your joists.

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builders generally use pre-calculated tables to tell them appropriate joist spans for each lumber species, size, and spacing. but local building codes should always be consulted, since unusual situations may call for different span recommendations. true floor joist span calculations can only be made by a structural engineer or contractor.

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how to build wood joist floor plans or or how are floors constructed? floors may be based on shafts or joists or use structures like pre-assembled empty center chunks. the subfloor expands on those and joins by different means specific to the bolster structure however the backing and subfloor together dependably gives the […]

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mr. fixer-upper oversees step-by-step renovations of old houses, much as he did on pbs's `this old house' from 1979 to '89. floor joists are sistered to make a level, solid footing for the

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floor joists are an important part of any floor. they help support the foundation and make the floor solid. learning how to install floor joists properly is very important for your home. when choosing boards to be the floor joists, it’s important to use a high quality grade of wood, and to make

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in early july 2017, a manufacturer of joists informed richmond american homes of colorado of an issue in the manufacturing process for certain joists installed in some homes built by richmond

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2nd floor room, how much weight is safe? the_a_drain. i was doing research because i want to build a 2 story shed in our yard, and wanted to see what size wood i would need to support the second floor. the first floor is for storage, the second floor is a chill place, so i guess you could call it a guest house. 2x10's, and 2x12's. if