flooring material for swimming pools

swimming pool tiles and flooring evo_2/e mirage

villas, hotels, wellness centres, holiday homes. whatever the location, evo_2/e is the most complete range of outdoor flooring for your swimming pool or sun deck, at the sea or in the mountains.slabs and special trims dedicated to the world of swimming pool, fully blending with your other outdoor décor and guaranteeing full coordination with 10 mm interior ranges.

how to choose pool deck and patio materials

the hardscape area around your swimming pool is called a surround, deck, or decking, even though it isn't always made of wood or composite, like traditional outdoor decks with which we most often associate the words. traditionally, most in-ground swimming pool decks are made of concrete.

little-known hazard on pool floors - cbs news

little-known hazard on pool floors. on capitol hill on wednesday to push legislation designed to cut down on the number of drowning deaths of children in swimming pools and spas.

inground vinyl pool floor options

which pool floor type? an important question or discussion point really, that we have with homeowners building their own swimming pool is about the pool floor material, between the vinyl liner and the earth. a good pool floor base will resist divots or shifting and cracking. they also make liner replacements easier by reducing floor prep.

infinity pool: world's first 360-degree infinity pool is

the world's first 360-degree infinity pool is coming to a london rooftop — and people are very confused by its design. uk-based pool manufacturer compass pools unveiled its innovative plans in a

5 types of natural stone for swimming pool flooring

which are the best tiles for your outdoor swimming pool? there are some special considerations that should be taken into account, such as slip resistance, durability and safety. according to these requirements, natural stone is the perfect material for swimming pool floors. here you have 5 types of natural stone for your poolscape.

olympic officials wave white flag in effort to clean green

olympic officials wave white flag in effort to clean green pool up on cleaning the green-tinged water in one of the pools at the maria lenk open water swimming. there are two warmup pools

making a splash in rio: robots snap underwater shots at

underwater adventure. getty images photographer adam pretty is part of a team capturing images of the rio games' swimming competition by using robotic cameras secured to the floor of the olympic pool.

3 things a home inspection may not reveal - cbs news

3 things a home inspection may not reveal. home inspectors may not be qualified to check the complex equipment of your swimming pool like pumps, heaters and filters or pressure-test for leaks

the best flooring for a room by a swimming pool home

the room next to a pool isn't the place for an expensive hardwood floor, or even an inexpensive laminate one. water is the enemy of wood floors; besides warping the wood, it can make the surface

10 homes you can buy for $500,000 - cbs news

the 5,883-square-foot home sits on a 2.84-acre lot and has a mother-in-law apartment, finished basement, two balconies, bamboo floors, a wet bar, hot tub, swimming pool, fire pit and a four-car